Risto Pakarinen is a Finnish freelance journalist based in Stockholm, Sweden.
He’s a regular contributor to The Hockey News and The National Hockey League’s [NHL] official site, nhl.com.

His writings have appeared in ESPN The Magazine, The Sporting News and on espn.com as well as in numerous Finnish and Swedish publications.

He has covered numerous Hockey World Championships and worked for the nhl during the World Cup tournaments in 1996 and 2004. Risto shoots lefty and prefers not to wear socks in his skates. Or in his shoes.


Off The Post: hockey stories from across the world is a collection of short pieces of hockey. Strike that. It’s more. It’s a love story between a man and a sport. Well, kind of. It’s like a hockey memoir and a diary.
In short, Off The Post: hockey stories from across the world is like a good hockey team. It’s got finesse and grit, emotion and skill. It digs in the corner and doesn’t give up until it gets what it wants. Off The Post is a compelling collection of hockey stories written from a refreshing perspective with an international twist, all told with the warmth and humor that spells true love for the sport.
The stories have the depth and range of a Cup-winning team. Join author Risto Pakarinen as he visits Madison Square Garden for the first time. Witness the Swedes celebrate their 2006 Olympic gold in Stockholm. Meet future NHL superstars and learn why Slapshot isn’t the greatest hockey movie ever made. (That’s right. It’s not). Those stories and more pack this little book with more power than a Dave Semenko punch. The majority of the 65 columns included here were previously published on Risto’s NHL Blog Central on the official Web site of the National Hockey League (NHL) in 2006-07. The rest are unpublished.

»Through his dedication, desire and motivation Risto has become one of the
premier hockey journalists around the globe, his unique style of writing about
the game captures the reader from the opening line. He always adds his own
memories and recalls the impact it had on his life within the story … for Risto, it is
a lot more than just a game.
It is his life.«
– Philip Pritchard, Vice President, Hockey Hall of Fame, »Keeper of the Cup«